November 21, 2016

Tips for a Safe Program of Strength Training

Through strength resistance training, challenges can be thrown towards muscles. Stronger counterforce is seen on the occasion as you are pushed against the wall or picking up a dumbbells. By increasing the amount of the weight continuously, more resistance is generally offered to the muscle. In this way, muscles are strengthened further for a fit body. There is no doubt in the fact that through these exercises, muscle mass can be increased. Everyday activities can be maintained with the process too. Lifting bags of groceries, climbing stairs and running for the bus can also help to get a fit body.

For every possible muscle group, it is important to do some strengthening exercise. It is better to go for resistance training for minimum twice a week. Single set must be repeated for minimum eight to twelve times rigorously. Through each session of resistance training, effective results can be obtained. Following to resistance training, the muscle must be given rest for minimum 48 hours.


Tips for safe training

  • Prior to the exercise, you must warm up for 10 minutes. By walking and stretching, muscles can be warmed up for the resistance training. Preparation for the workout can be done in best possible way in the process.
  • More concentration must be given to the issue of form instead of weight. The alignment of the body must be maintained in a perfect manner. Everything must be done smoothly. Due to poor form, injuries can be seen in the body. According to the experts, it is better to start strength training without any weight. Light weight can be utilized in some occasion.
  • By working out in a perfect tempo. Control over the training process can be maintained in perfect manner. Compromise may not be noticed at all on the issue of strength gain. Momentum is required for strength gain. On the count of three, you can lower the weight following to a lift. It can be lifted once again after three seconds.
  • Breathing is very essential while exercising. During a work against the resistance, you must exhale. However, you can inhale at the time of releasing the weight.
  • Increase in the weight can be done very slowly. The amount of the weight must be decided according to the nature of the exercise always. If you chose a weight that can exhaust with two repetition of an exercise then it can be a good way to guarantee a fit body. Weight can be added only of you can repeat the exercise in a good form.
  • For resistance training, you must create a workout routine. It must involve all the major muscles of the body effectively. Workout for Full Body can be done three times in the span of week. However, you can divide the exercises also. Someday, you can concentrate on the upper body and other day you must look at your lower body.
  • Some relaxation must be offered to the muscle also. Due to rigorous strength training, tear can be noticed in the muscle. Lots of issues may not be noticed as a result of tear. Through knitting up of tears, muscles are generally strengthened. It is better to give 48 hours to recover the tear.

Laura Golden