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September 14, 2016

Does The Medifast Plan Really Work?

A lot of dieters on the Medifast diet utilize the 5&1 plan which essentially provides 6 different meals per day. Within this plan, 5 of the meals offer only 100 calorie Medifast products such as bars, shakes, soup, or even snacks. Whereas, the 6th meal offers a lean and green entree which is essentially an entree that you prepare on your own which is designed around having 7 ounces of lean protein (think chicken) and 3 different servings of low starch vegetables. In this article, we will be going over the Medifast plan and we will be discussing whether or not it works well.

Info About The Medifast Plan:

1. Cost?

Whenever you are looking at different weight loss programs, you want to make sure that you are looking at the cost of the entire program to ensure that it’s worth it. The typical cost of the package that you are likely going to be getting for the Medifast plan would be around $320. The additional money that you are going to have to pay for groceries is going to be inconsequential as you will be buying very little additional vegetables and protein. Because of this, you can expect to churn out around $300 to $400 per month depending on how many extras you decide to purchase for this plan. Thus, it is a very affordable weight loss program that is designed to work well for anyone.


2. Does It Work?

This particular diet program is based off of caloric restriction. Thus, it is going to be impossible to not be able to actually shed pounds with this diet because you are going to be eating around half of the amount of calories that you would normally consume. Because of this, you can expect to lose a good amount of weight in the long run because you will be burning more calories than taking in on a daily basis.

3. Is It Easy to Implement?

Another important deciding factor that should be considered when you are attempting to find the right diet program to follow is whether or not it is easy to implement. This particular program is one of the more easy to implement diets because they provide you with a majority of the meals/food that you are going to be eating. You will only be responsible for preparing one meal. Also, because you are not going to have to keep track of everything, you will not need to waste your time counting carbs, calories, or even points.

In the end, when it comes to finding the best diet program to consider investing in, you want to look at it’s effectiveness and it’s ease of implementation. After all, one of the biggest reasons people fail with their diets is because they are not great at the implementation of them. Because you are going to be able to have everything essentially handed to you, it is one of the easiest diets to follow and lose weight with.

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